Bruce Greenstein
Bruce Greenstein

So, the La. Attorney General’s Office had to advise the state’s executive leadership to cancel a $300 million Medicaid contract with Maryland-based CNSI because of inappropriate contact between CNSI and employees of the Department of Health and Hospitals. Well, we’re not quite sure what that means. But maybe this will be a little easier to understand. Gov. Jindal’s DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein is a former employee of CNSI.

Now wait, get this. When old Bruce was being confirmed by the state Senate, the CNSI contract was under consideration and there were questions even then regarding his level of involvement in that process should he be approved. He was confirmed anyway.

And this brings forth the question of the hour – What tangled web has been woven in Baton Rouge and what explanation do Jindal and Greenstein have for this mess.

How has good old boy Bobby handled the whole thing? Well, through a spokesman he had reportedly announced that he has “confidence” in Bruce. That’s nice. But the rest of us taxpayers aren’t so certain if we have as much confidence in the integrity of the DHH leader under these circumstances. In fact, we don’t have too much confidence in the Gov. Jindal right about now given all that he has done to undermine education and healthcare, just to name of few things.

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