NAACP President Danatus King and other community leaders speakout against racial profiling

Leaders with several local organizations, including the NAACP, Safe Streets, V.O.T.E. and Peace Keepers have issued a list of demands to Mayor Mitch Landrieu regarding racial profiling. While there are many challenges our city faces, racial profiling is the issue these community leaders have recently come together to petition action from the mayor. The have held sit-ins and overnight vigils in front of City Hall to draw attention to this issue, and we admire and appreciate their efforts.

Among the community demands to the Mayor:
1. Issue order to NOPD that racial profiling will
not be tolerated
2. Issue order that NOPD leadership giving orders
and commands that suggest and/or encourage
racial profiling will be swiftly, severely and
publicly disciplined
3. Investigate NOPD policies that result in racial
4. Issue an order directing NOPD to immediately
begin writing the reason a citizen was stopped
on the Field Interview Cards (FICs)
5. Issue an order directing NOPD to immedi-
ately begin recording the race of individuals
who are stopped on the FICs
6. Sign the Consent Decree

The New Orleans Tribune

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