cedric-richmond-microphonejpg-928585c8afc4b17dWith several days remaining in early voting and Election Day just around the corner, The New Orleans Tribune categorically urges its readers to support U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond in his bid to continue representing Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

Since 2011, Richmond has served the people of the 2nd Congressional District, which includes nearly all of New Orleans, the Westbank of Jefferson Parish, parts of Kenner and also stretches into portions of parishes west and north. He has served his district well. Cedric
Richmond restores our faith in elected leadership; and we believe he should carry on.

He has worked hard for the people of his district. And no other candidate in the race has the same experience, commitment and awareness of responsibility that Richmond possesses.

Richmond has kept his feet firmly planted to the ground, helping constituents deal with the real-life problems—no matter how big or small—that impact their lives. When an elderly constituent had a problem with her mailbox being placed across the street from her home, Richmond’s staff assisted in getting the box moved closer to her home. Soon after being elected, he came across 2nd District resident that had been battling with the Social Security Administration for a decade to receive disability benefits. The then-freshman congressman and his staff helped the man navigate red tape and agency bureaucracy. His application was approved and he received his benefits, including back pay. And he and his staff also worked arduously to help constituents navigate the Road Home program.

Rep. Richmond also has a special place for small businesses, which is important to us here at The Tribune. Watching his mother and step-father run a small business, Cedric Richmond learned the key role that small businesses play in our economy and the lives of ordinary families. He is committed to ensuring that those businesses have enough resources to grow and prosper. Each year, in conjunction with Delgado Community College, he hosts the Small Business Expo, which features purchasing departments of major government agencies and top companies from the area and is designed to help small businesses grow.

His leadership and collaborative efforts have paid off for the 2nd district and the state as a whole, resulting in millions of dollars for everything from coastal restoration and post-Katrina recovery to assistance for small businesses. And in congressional sessions marked by obstructionist tactics on the part of Republicans, Richmond was critical to the passage of important legislation, such as the Affordable Care Act.

He once told The Tribune that he “fights for people that don’t have anyone to fight for them” and that he takes pride in representing those that “typically don’t get a seat at the table.” We say that he has done just that as our congressman. And that is why we are supporting his bid for re-election.

On Nov. 4, vote Cedric Richmond for U.S. Congress for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District. Or cast your ballot early now through Oct. 28.

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