On May 2, two millage propositions are on the ballot in Orleans Parish. One would allow the Orleans Sheriff’s Department to levy a 2.8 mill property tax to raise about $9.36 million a year for the upkeep and maintenance of the jail. The other would allow the Orleans Parish Public Library to levy a 2.5 mill tax to raise $8.25 million a year to adequately fund library operations.

We suggest our readers say “YES” to both proposals. We don’t do so lightly and it is not easy. But, we understand the need for safe and well-maintained jail facilities. And we say “YES” to strong public programs that are designed for the benefit of the community, such as those offered by at the library.

However, as we move forward we urge city leaders to take a candid look at issues of accountability and equity in the resources. We know there are many New Orleanians that are already overburdened, overwhelmed and quite frankly priced out of the housing market. They can’t afford rising rents or higher tax bills. We recognize and empathize with hard-working people who have called neighborhoods throughout this city home for generations as they are now being priced out of areas to make way for a “new” New Orleans. That is why it is incumbent on leaders to ensure that citizens—every last one of US—get an adequate return on our investment; because it is not right to ask voters to pay more and more into a system that is locking them out and leaving them behind.

It is not lost on us at The New Orleans The Tribune nor on a great number of New Orleanians that many of the enhancements and improvements that have taken place in the city over the last nine or so years have not really been for the benefit and enjoyment of the average, everyday New Orleanian on whose hard work and culture this city stands. So with these new taxes we want to see services that benefit all. We expect to see the Nora Navra branch return to 7th Ward. The FEMA money to build it is there; and it has been too long. We expect to see the extended hours and days and the enhanced programs and services that have been promised. We expect to see improvements in the operation and maintenance of the jail. We expect to get what we pay for . . . what we deserve.

PW Law Enforcement District – 2.8 Mills – Sheriff – 10 Yrs.
Law Enforcement District Millage

Our Recommendation: YES

PW Public Library – 2.5 Mills – CC – 25 Yrs.
Parish-wide Public Library Millage

Our Recommendation: YES

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