The cast party for the documentary “Navigate Him: An Intergenerational Conversation Among African-American Men In New Orleans”, was held at Le Musee de fpc preceding the premiere of the heralded film written and directed by budding producer/director Danielle Wright. Eric Carle Jr. served as director photography and film editor of the work, and businessman Eric Wright was narrator.

“Navigate Him” investigates the life experiences of African-American men in New Orleans. Through a series of short interviews of 36 men, representing a cross-section of ages, “Navigate Him” celebrates the resilience of African-American males in this city. The documentary explores the experiences of the Black men featured, through their contributions to the economy, political landscape, race relations, and culture.

The cast, ranging from the ages of 5 to 90, features many of the city’s local icons, such as retired Montford Point Marine and retired coach and teacher, Winston Burns Sr., Councilmember-At-Large Jason Rogers Williams, educator Dr. Raynard Sanders, local business owners Bill Rouselle and Ronnie Burns, publisher Vincent Sylvain, restauranteurs Wayne Baquet and Edgar “Dook” Chase IV, the Honorable Judge Kern Reese, President of Liberty Bank Alden McDonald, WBOK “The Good Morning Show” host Oliver Thomas, and many more.The film seeks to provide viewers with a more realistic picture of the New Orleans Black male experience, marked by a relentless dedication to a successful well-being.

“Navigate Him” is a Navigate NOLA production.

The New Orleans Tribune

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