The McKenna Museums are host to “The Spirit of Haitian Culture, Creativity, Perseverance, Resilience”, an exhibition of sixty works by noted 20th century Haitian artists. The exhibition, which will hang through July 18, features the over 50-year collection of the late Dr. Jean Brierre, a Haitian born and reared physician who spent many years practicing medicine in Shreveport, LA and his late wife Nicole.

The Brierres’ daughters, Michelle Jean-Pierre and Monique Aziz, both residents of New Orleans and active participants in the cultural and arts scene here, graciously shared their parents’ collection with the New Orleans community through their collaboration with SUNO’s department of Museum Studies and Dr. Dwight and Beverly McKenna.

The opening exhibitions were held on succeeding days last month at the George and Leah McKenna Museum of African American Art, located at 2003 Carondelet and at Le Musee de fpc, at 2336 Esplanade Ave. The opening at The McKenna showcased a dance troupe and drummers, Third Eye Theatre. And a highlight of the opening at Le Musee de fpc was a lecture by Tulane professor Dr. Marky Jean Pierre.

Lana Meyon, a museum studies student at SUNO, curated the show as partial fulfillment of her requirements for a masters degree in museum studies.

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