McKenna Publishing Company jubilantly celebrates the 30th anniversary of The New Orleans Tribune. Founded in 1985 by Dr. Dwight and Beverly Stanton McKenna, James Borders and the late Kermit Thomas, The Tribune has provided a space for a dozens of journalists, photographers, cartoonists and other professionals to perform their craft while adhering to the paper’s mission of speaking—with an unapologetic boldness—to, for and about Black New Orleans through substantive news and analysis from a perspective not found in the mainstream media.

The Tribune has also been a training ground for journalism and mass communications students from Dillard and Xavier universities as well as Southern University at New Orleans, offering internships throughout the years to scores of students.
Its publishers are members of the National Newspapers Publisher’s Association, a 75-year-old association of more than 200 Black newspaper publishers from across the nation.

For 30 years, The New Orleans Tribune has been a consistent and committed voice; and it is because of battles fought and won, truths of our people that we have been able to tell, and the enthusiastic loyalty and support of those who our paper was designed for and founded to serve that we proudly commemorate 30 years.

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We Are Proud to Have Served Our Community for 38 Years. Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Providing a Trusted Voice. We Look Forward to 38 More!