Dear New Orleans Tribune:

Congratulations on an awesome celebration. The Tribune is truly a pillar of our community and has provided and continues to provide a valuable service to the New Orleans area. I am proud to consider you a friend.

Best wishes,

Judge Terri F. Love
Louisiana Court of Appeal
Fourth Circuit

Dear New Orleans Tribune:

What you have done and what you continue to do can never be measured in words—not even from someone who considers himself a wordsmith.

Without the dogged, tenacious and probing journalism provided by The New Orleans Tribune, I cannot imagine what the city—Our City—would look like.

It is hard for me to point to one or two issues that grabbed my attention over these past 30 years. But I can tell you there have been those that kept it. The signature issue “YELL FIRE” was one that awoke an entire community to the unfairness, the rampant civic racism, the media bias, the enormous challenges, needs and ambitions of New Orleans.

There have been others, including those that carried my byline. But if one is measured by a body of work, yours ranks the highest among all the pundits, commentators, reporters, columnists and editorial writers. Yours is a standard by which all others are summarily judged. It has been an honor to see my name in The Tribune.

I wish I could be there for this special occasion, so allow me to thank you for all that you’ve done for me, for New Orleans and for great journalism.

Thank you, and wishing you the best at this incredible milestone.

Lovell Beaulieu
Executive Editor,
The Greenville Herald-Banner
The Rockwall County Banner
The Royse City Banner
The Commerce Journal

Dear Dwight and Beverly,

It is with great pride that I extend congratulatory wishes to you and the staff of the New Orleans Tribune on your 30th anniversary.

In these 30 years, The Tribune has not only been a journalistic proving ground for up and coming journalists, it has retained the services of some of the most dynamic seasoned editors, writers and photographers in the city of New Orleans. It has also raised the bar with national and local advertisers as a significant medium to reach the African American community in order to promote their goods and services, direct messaging and expand market visibility. It is to that end that I am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this journey as your first advertising manager. The experiences that I gained working with you have not only served me well but have served our great city and state. I regret that I was unable to join you in celebrating this tremendous accomplishment last week but wish you the very best!

I look forward to celebrating the next 30 years as The New Orleans Tribune and the McKenna Publishing Company soar to even greater heights.

May God continue to bless you.

With warmest regards,

Kevin J. Smith
Former Advertising Manager
The New Orleans Tribune

We Are Proud to Have Served Our Community for 38 Years. Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Providing a Trusted Voice. We Look Forward to 38 More!