Presented by Jack Daniel’s, Art, Beats and Lyrics returned to New Orleans in late January at The Howlin Wolf.

A traveling exhibition that displays works of art from globally recognized visual artists, along with New Orleans-based Ana Hernandez, Diwang and J Hand, Art, Beats and Lyrics combines an affinity for urban contemporary art with hip-hop, to create a truly one of a kind lifestyle experience merging the two.

The event also featured live music and performances from Scarface, Rich Medina and others.

Hip-hop legend, Scarface performed his top hits for a packed house at the Art, Beats and Lyrics event in New Orleans. (Photo provided by Kat Goduco)
This piece by New Orleans-based artist, Ana Hernandez was featured in the Art, Beats and Lyrics exhibit at the Howlin’ Wolf. (Photo by Kat Goduco)
This celebrity-inspired piece from J. Hand, a New Orleans-based artist, was featured at the Art, Beats and Lyrics event. (Photo by Kat Goduco)


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