From a press release

The Progressive National Baptist Convention, Inc. (PNBC) will celebrate its 55th annual session in New Orleans from August 7-14. PNBC President Dr. James C. Perkins will lead the denomination that represents over 2,000 churches with weeklong events. In the midst of the upcoming presidential election, a focus of the Annual Session will include the importance of the vote. PNBC is expected to host one or more of the presidential candidates during the convention.  

While in New Orleans, the group will focus on informational and education campaigns with an aim of assuring that people of color across the country are registered to vote. PNBC will work with various local and national civic and faith-based organizations to help undergird their message. Dr. Perkins’ views on voter registration was the basis of a recent Op-Ed article for, “The resurgence of racism, the future of the Supreme Court, the dismantling of the Voting Rights Act, the future of the Affordable Health Care Act, police brutality, and a biased criminal justice system, all make it imperative that we wake up and sound the alarm to stir our people to participate in this year’s election.”

In addition to the voting registration agenda, the annual session will provide the expected 5,000 attendees with ministry workshops, Christian education classes, a pastoral division, and preaching. The Congress of Christian Education features nearly 30 classes with topics from Bible studies to church ministries.

Dr. Perkins will provide a highly anticipated sermon address during the President’s Night event. Adding to the roster of pastors who will speak during the convention are Bishop Walter Scott Thomas, Dr. Robert C. Scott, Dr. Jacqueline Thompson, Dr. Michael T. Scott, Dr. James Victor, and Dr. Howard-John Wesley. On Thursday, August 11, 2016, PNBC will host the Emerald Gala, which is in recognition of the contributions of pastors’ spouses.