Regina Bartholomew-Woods

Layout 1Let’s get this out of the way. While much has been made of Judge Regina Bartholomew-Woods husband’s position as a philanthropist and community leader, we marvel at the style and grace in which Bartholomew-Woods has handled the accusations that his influence and wealth have prejudiced this campaign.

It is no secret that Metro Disposal executive Jimmie Woods is a patron, promotor and contributor of many causes and crusades throughout New Orleans—especially, though not limited to, those that speak to the needs of some of the city’s most marginalized and disenfranchised residents. As one of very few Black men in this city with the wherewithal to assume such a role, neither Jimmie Woods nor Judge Bartholomew-Woods should be discredited or embarrassed for their prominence, influence or affluence.  A political fact—as much as we may abhor it—is that it takes money to run a successful campaign. It is a reality. According to the most recent campaign finance report, Bartholomew-Woods, who has received about $25,000 in contributions, has contributed more than a quarter million dollars of her own money via loans and contributions to her campaign.  To be sure, we have way more concern over a candidate or cause that is dependent on the largess of others than one who can self-finance.

Furthermore, in championing and supporting his wife’s campaign for public office, Woods is doing what any devoted and committed spouse ought to do. Anyone out there mad about that needs to check himself or herself, especially considering that Civil District Court Judge Regina Bartholomew-Woods is regarded as a conscientious, fair and well-prepared jurist who has served the people of New Orleans for four years.  Her vast experiences as a law clerk, attorney and civil court judge have equipped her with the know-how and understanding to serve on the appeal court.

Bartholomew-Woods, who has been endorsed by a number of community and political leaders, is a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Southern University at New Orleans and the Loyola University College of Law who, in addition to her role and duties as a judge, is also actively involved in the community as a member of a number of professional, civic and social organizations—experiences that we believe provide her with an deep understanding of the community, its needs and challenges.

We strongly believe that she will make a positive impact on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal and urge our readers to vote for Regina Bartholomew-Woods.


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After interviewing each of the three candidates for Section D of Criminal District Court, we believe voters would make a positive choice in either candidate. Paul Bonin, Kevin Guillory and Dennis Moore are in step with their ideas on improving our criminal justice system, making the court more effective and, more importantly, ensuring justice is served while also helping people that need assistance and who deserve second chances. We are certain that any of the three candidates would commit to these principles if elected to the criminal court bench.

As such, we encourage our readers and followers to research the candidates, revisit their Facebook live interviews at and check out their candidate profiles in our most recent edition and to vote for the candidate whose positions and views align most with their own philosophies.