dukeA group of Dillard University Students, calling themselves the Socially Engaged Dillard University Students (SEDUS), have called for the withdrawal of Dillard University as the location for the WVUE and Raycom Media-hosted U.S. Senate debate that will include  Klansman David Duke.

The students are planning a rally today in protest. The rally will take place at 5 p.m. today (Wednesday, Nov. 2) on the campus of Dillard University, or on the public space on St. Anthony and Gentilly Boulevard. The debate takes place at 7 p.m. tonight on the Dillard campus.

“(Duke’s) presence on our campus is not welcome, and overtly subjects the entire student body to safety risks and social ridicule. This is simply outrageous,” the student group said in a press release.
The release continues, “We are aware of the importance of this upcoming election, however, we cannot and will not allow this disrespect and continuance of racism and oppression on a campus we call ours, where we are educated to respect ourselves and our disciplines, and to which we pay a hefty tuition and fees. Arguments that Dillard “must” honor its commitment to WVUE and Raycom Media, are, respectfully, specious.”

According to the release, the students also take issue with the debate being “closed to the public”, and they are demanding that any payments made to Dillard University by WVUE and Raycom Media to host the debate be given to the students to fund programs that educated about the impact of racism on politics.