From a press release

Judicial candidate for Civil District Court, Division B, Suzy Montero’s attorney appeared in court Thursday, Marc 23 and agreed on the record to cease using the false statements contained in certain campaign media, including television commercials.  The attorney also agreed to the entry of a court order reflecting that agreement.

Rachael Johnson, also a candidate for Civil District Court, Division B, filed a petition for a Temporary Restraining Order to stop Suzy Montero and her campaign from misrepresenting Johnson’s record as an attorney in what Johnson’s campaign has categorized as “an attempt to deceive voters.”

The court scheduled a hearing on Johnson’s lawsuit at 9 a.m. yesterday (March 23). When lawyers for Johnson and Montero arrived in court for the hearing, Montero agreed to a consent order promising not to publish, post or use in any way in the future certain statements about Johnson which Montero had included in direct mail and TV ads.

The false direct mail and television advertising alleged that Rachael Johnson had only practiced law in Louisiana for six years. However, Johnson has been admitted to the bar and actively practicing law since 2005. Montero’s advertising further stated that Ms. Johnson had never tried a case in Civil District Court, when in fact Johnson has tried cases in Civil District Court, as well as litigated more than 450 cases in courts across Louisiana. Montero’s advertising further falsely stated that Johnson had never been lead attorney in a single case in her career, when in fact Johnson has been lead attorney in hundreds of cases.  Johnson arrived at the courthouse with documentary evidence from public records to prove the falsity of Montero’s statements.

The election is Saturday, March 25.