First it was the Battle at Liberty Place.

Then, the monument to Jefferson Davis.

And most recently, P.G.T. Beauregard.

We simply have to give Mayor Mitch Landrieu and city officials another “good job, way to go” as it relates to the resolve shown in removal of the nuisance monuments.

Despite protests, lawsuits and the state legislature sticking its nose where it does not belong, our city leaders are intent on moving New Orleans in the right direction. To be sure, we never really saw the point of debating this matter in the first place. As such, it is quite nice to see decisive action on the matter.

No more talking. No more debating. Just action.

Three down . . . one to go. We cannot wait for workers to remove the statue Robert E. Lee off of its pedestal. And then, perhaps with this chapter behind us, our leaders can focus on making New Orleans a great place to live for all of its residents.