Sally Beauty is hosting a pop-up salon and lounge throughout Essence Festival weekend and inviting style influencers to visit for hair and make-up services.

Now, I certainly do not consider myself an “influencer” though I have been given that title a few times. In fact, as the mother of a teenage daughter, I am thoroughly convinced that no one listens to me; but I went to the Sally Beauty Pop-Up Salon & Lounge anyway for two reasons.

First, why on earth would I turn down gratis hairstyle and makeup sessions? Second, as a NOLA native I really needed some tips on keeping my hair and make-up looking fresh and flawless in the brutal summer weather for which the city I love is notorious.

We all know it gets hot and humid in New Orleans and that can spell disaster for even the most perfectly-coifed do and flawless make-up. Baaaaby, when those sweat beads start running down your face and that humidity hits your hair, it is over. And with this being Essence Festival weekend, no one wants their make-up melting and their curls drooping as she sashays through the streets of New Orleans.

Luckily, the stylists and make-up artists at the Sally Beauty Pop-Up Salon & Lounge did not disappoint, sharing great tips on how to combat NOLA summer weather shenanigans.

Tip # 1 comes from local hairstylist and make-up artist Shan Williams. Shan did my face at the Pop-Up Salon and Lounge and she says a good setting spray is a must do to keep your face looking right on a hot and humid day. I think she’s on to something. After making me up, Shan spritzed my face with a setting spray and then I put it to the test. If you recall, yesterday NOLA weather gave us a little bit of everything. So, first I took my face out in the rain. A little while later, the heat and humidity made a daunting return. But my face stayed perfectly in place all day. Friday morning, I did my best to remember other tips Shan shared with me like not putting dark eyeshadow on lower eyelid, instead just dabbing a bit in the very corners of my eyes to give my peepers that open, fresh, wide-eyed look I love.

Tip # 2 comes from hairstylist Shornell, who says moisturizer and a good leave-in conditioner will help combat the challenges of this NOLA heat and humidity. Shornell styles Tribune intern Camille, who wears her mane natural, with two-strand twists that were set and then loosened for a fun and free style that is easy to recreate.

Tip # 3 is my favorite and it comes from stylist Monica “Mo” Stevens #moknowshair. Mo did my hair at the Pop-Up, defining my curls and slaying my edges with some great products. Mo says you have to be flexible and willing to modify your style over several days to make it last in the NOLA heat and humidity. Be ready to pin up the front or put on hat. She also says try to avoid gels and styling products with glycerin and water as top ingredients.

Most of all, embrace your natural texture and style because we simply cannot control the weather! 

Now, if you want to check out a short video of me after my hair and make-up service thanks to the stylists at the Sally Pop-Up Salon and Lounge, click here.