Toyia Washington-Kendrick feels a keen sense of urgency for positive change in the city and specifically in District A. Washington-Kendrick wants to give a “voice to the voiceless” in District A., says, citing her motivation for seeking public office.

The Army veteran says being a mother, wife and educator have prepared her to represent District A constituents on the City Council.

“Being a mother gives me the caring heart, keen instinct, and ability to always be solution oriented, being an educator gives me the compassion, empathy and intellectual ability to get the job done, being a wife gives me the collaborative skills needed to work with others, even in difficult times and being an Army veteran gives me the commitment, dedication, and leadership ability to never quit and always give my all.”

Washington-Kendrick’s views economic development, public safety, infrastructure, and education as immediate challenges confronting the City of New Orleans and District A.

If elected, Washington-Kendrick will go through the city’s budget line by line, to make sure funds are being maximized and allocated fairly.
Washington-Kendrick’s public safety plan includes making sure street lights are working so that neighborhoods are adequately lit. She would demand that NOPD decrease response time for crimes, implement a community policing program, and give take-home vehicles to police officers, who live within the city limits.

“I think safety is a big part of our quality of life. I would love to revamp and restructure NOLA for Life: Let’s add a job-readiness program that partners with DBEs and other businesses…to deter crime. And free skills-based training will give our community an edge,” she adds.
To address infrastructure needs, Washington-Kendrick would monitor S&WB to ensure all pumps are online and working with qualified staff.

“I would also request three additional trucks to clean storm drains and three additional trucks to fill potholes.”

Washington-Kendrick says streamlining the city’s DBE process will greatly benefit aspiring African-American-owned small businesses. “I would like to incorporate a very basic but useful protocol and process to give them a fighting chance with unmatched exposure and knowledge for sustainability.”

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