Organization Urges Mayor, City Council to Adequately Fund to Affordable Housing Initiatives

The Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance says the city of New Orleans is off-track with its plan to produce 7,500 new affordable housing opportunities over five years. The organization has asked the city to allot the necessary resources to affordable housing initiatives.

GNOHA is also calling on residents to stand with them by attending the budget hearing at 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 1, in the City Council chambers.

Last year, New Orleans produced almost 1,500 new affordable housing opportunities after committing $17 million annually to create 7,500  over five years. But GNOHA says the city needs to remain focused in order to meet its goal to add at least 1500 new affordable housing units each year.

Specifically, GNOHA wants the Mayor and City Council to:

  • Allocate all undedicated revenue from short-term rental taxes into the Neighborhood Housing Improvement Fund.
  • Allocate funding for immediate housing for returning citizens, and support the larger and long-term restorative network for formerly incarcerated citizens who are reentering New Orleans communities. This is particularly critical, housing advocates say, as Gov. John Bel Edwards begins his prison release program. More than 16,000 cases will be reviewed for release over the next few years.

GNOHA is also urging all New Orleans residents to call or e-mail their council representative and the Mayor’s office with the message to Put Housing First by allocating funding to these housing initiatives.

Anyone wanting to attend the budget hearing or support this effort can contact Bri Foster at (504) 224-8300 or via email at