Councilwoman At-Large Helena Moreno announced members of her staff today (Wednesday, May 9).

“I’m thrilled to have this all-star team alongside me as we hit the ground running on day one,” said Moreno. “I’m very excited to announce the highly-qualified, competent team that is going to help us continue to move the entire city forward.”

Among her appointees, Moreno has named Andrew Tuozzolo as chief of staff and communications director. He previously served as chief of ctaff for the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), where he managed the department’s external and legislative affairs, communications, and policy development teams.

Sheraé Hunter has been named at Moreno’s director of community engagement. A native of Jackson, Miss., Hunter earned a bachelor’s degree from Dillard University and served on U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu’s staff soon after graduating from college. Moreno has also named Sayde Faraday Finkel as her legislative and policy director. Before this appointment, Finkel worked at Greater New Orleans., Inc.

Josett Thompson will serve as the executive assistant and office manager and has worked in government since 1997—including seven years with the city of New Orleans and the last and the last 13 years with in state government.

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