Cast of BET Network and Paramount’s Boomerang reboot where on-the-rise actress Brittany Inge (top row center) plays Crystal Garrett, a friend to the other main characters.

By Brianna Alexis Smith, NNPA Newswire

The classic 90s film “Boomerang” is the latest movie to get its own reboot, courtesy of BET Network and Paramount Pictures.

Halle Berry, who starred in the original film, along with “The Chi” creator Lena Waithe, executive produced the 10-episode, half-hour romantic comedy series for BET as part of the network’s latest foray into scripted programming.

The series will continue where the 1992 film left off, focusing on the offspring of Jacqueline Boyer (Robin Givens), Marcus Graham (Eddie Murphy) and Angela Lewis (Halle Berry), as they attempt to step out of their parents’ shadows and create a legacy of their own.

It is described as an updated version of the film “Boomerang” that explores today’s contemporary workplace dynamics – including the changing role of gender and office politics – relationships, love and the conflicts between Generation X and millennials.
On-the-rise actress Brittany Inge plays Crystal Garrett, a friend to the main characters.

Brittany and I attended The Atlanta University Center. She is alumna of Spelman College and I am alumna of Clark Atlanta University. We have mutual friends. When I learned she was going to be in “Boomerang” I went to work.

My friend gave me her contact and I reached out. After getting the green light from BET, she was excited to talk with me and shared some exclusive insight on her character, Crystal.

Brittany described Crystal as “the mother to her friends,” the friend who tries to be the voice of reason.

Crystal, 26 years old and newly divorced, works in advertising, under Marcus Graham’s advertising firm.

When the audience meets her, “she’s finding her way after her divorce. She’s creating a new path for herself and figuring out what it means to be by herself,” said Brittany.
Crystal is fun, smart and loving. She’s a pro-black natural girl, with curves.

“I’m super excited about being able to represent for curvier women,” said Brittany. “I’m thrilled to be able to use my voice and body (literally and figuratively) to show that we all have stories to tell and we don’t all look one way.

“This show will illustrate what it’s like to be a millennial in 2019. What it means to be black and progressive, and trying to live your best life in the world that we currently live in,” she said.

“People will really be able to connect with these characters and the realities that they deal with. …If you’re a fan of the movie, expect something completely fresh. If you want to see yourself or people you may know represented, this is the show.”

After graduating from Spelman College with a bachelor’s degree in music, Brittany began studying acting, and has been acting professionally for six years.

“This is my first major role. I’m so excited to be a part of this cast – full of fresh faces and new actors,” said Brittany. “My experience in the Spelman College Glee Club really helped prepare me for long hours, rehearsals, being disciplined and on time, and how to take direction – which all of those things apply now as an actor and full-time artist.

“Boomerang’ is dynamic, solid good content. The stories we are illustrating are universal,” said Brittany, who is also the creator of The (Non) Starving Artists, which is dedicated to empowering and educating artists of every kind to be the lead in their own journeys.

“Boomerang” will air on BET, Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. Keep up with Brittany by following her on Instagram at @BrittanyInge or visit Follow Brianna Alexis Smith @TheeJournalist.

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