Carling Dinkler 

Carling Dinkler is running to represent residents of District 91 because he wants to provide access to economic opportunities and better paying jobs for everyone and future generations, he says.  Dinkler believes his passion as a native New Orleanian and experience in public policymaking makes him suitable for the job. 

Dinkler worked for seven years in Washington, D.C., as an aide for U.S. Congressmen Chris John (D-LA) and John Tanner (D-TN).

He is vice-president of Enhanced Capital, where he advocates nationwide for programs that encourage investment in low-income communities, small businesses, affordable housing, and the restoration of historically significant buildings.

When it comes to public education, he favors keeping vouchers, especially for children with special needs. And while he is not opposed to charters schools, he thinks they can be improved by centralizing functions, such as a one school calendar and better transportation. 

Dinkler’s civic work involves the Broadmoor Improvement Association, board member for Magnolia Community Services, the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans, and the Louisiana Trust for Historic Preservation.

He is a fellow with the Loyola Institute of Politics and the Nancy M. Marsiglia Institute of Justice. Dinkler attended Jesuit High School, earned an undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University, and a master’s in business administration from Louisiana State University. 

Mandie Landry 

Mandie Landry is running to represent the citizens of District 91 because she wants to be the voice for the people, she says.

As a practicing attorney for the past 14 years, Landry has advocated for local businesses, the underprivileged, and non-profit organizations in both civil and criminal courts.  

She currently represents one of the state’s three remaining abortion clinics, and says that among her chief concerns is the constant erosion of women’s rights in a state that ranks as the worst for women and children living in poverty. 

Unfazed at the prospect of working with a Republican-led legislature, 85 percent of whom are men, if elected, Landry says she will fight to raise the state minimum wage, secure funding for affordable housing programs, early childhood education and childcare, teacher pay raises, and affordable healthcare for everyone. Landry supports the continuation of criminal justice reform and says she will fight to decriminalize marijuana and expunge prior marijuana-related records, immediately.  

Landry is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University Law Center. Landry is on the board of the Association of Women Attorneys, vice president of the Climana Neighborhood Association.

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