Dr. Tammy Savoie 

Dr. Tammy Savoie says she is running to affect change at the state level. After returning to her home state of Louisiana after serving 38 years in the military, Savoie says she was shocked to realize the high poverty rate and other social and economic challenges in the state, which she attributes to bad policies. She says her platform is designed to provide for the needs of District 94 residents and all Louisianans. 

The retired lieutenant colonel’s top priorities include funding quality education, infrastructure, water management, flood protection, criminal justice reform and economic development. Savoie would also author legislation to lower insurance rates in Louisiana (the highest in the nation). 

If elected, Savoie will also work to author legislation to create an independent commission to draw fairer districts lines. She also wants to tackle voter suppression and promote easy access and transportation to the polls. Coastal erosion and climate change are also at the top of her agenda. 

To address her concerns that Louisiana has the highest child poverty rate in the nation and high infant and maternal mortality rates, Savoie will focus on legislation that provides access to quality education and healthcare.

She supports legislation that allows local governments to set wage increases and close the pay gap between men and women. She also favors lowering sentencing rates for non-violent offenders. 

Savoie served in the Air National Guard and as a lieutenant colonel with the United States Air Force. She earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Emory University. 

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