The lieutenant governor serves as governor in the event of a vacancy in the office, if the governor is unable to act as governor, or is out of state. Under the constitution, the lieutenant governor is an ex-officio member of each committee, board and commission on which the governor serves. Additionally, the lieutenant governor serves as Commissioner of the Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

Willie Jones

Willie Jones says he is running for the lieutenant governor’s seat because the office needs more diversity, bold leadership, and a new vision. Jones says he will be accountable, accessible, flexible and honest, making him the best candidate for the job. 

Jones top priorities as lieutenant governor includes include marketing Louisiana’s tourism, culture, recreation and parks (within as well as outside the state of Louisiana), and encouraging residents and tourists to take advantage of the state’s 45 recreational parks, fishing areas, seafood industry, the film and TV industry and the state’s 13 museums. 

To support small and disadvantaged businesses, Jones will start an entrepreneurial program and publish a statewide business directory. He will also make more diverse appointments to the 29 boards and commissions the lieutenant governor oversees, he says.

Jones’ political experience includes serving on the Orleans Parish District E Democratic Executive Committee and the Louisiana State Central Committee for District 100.

His affiliations include the Johnny Jackson Foundation, former treasurer and board member, Desire Florida Area Community Council, former board member, Armstrong Family Services, and former member, Zulu Social Aide and Pleasure Club. Jones graduated from Carver High School in New Orleans and attended Southern University in Baton Rouge.

Billy Nungesser

Incumbent Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser told The New Orleans Tribune that his overall goal, as lieutenant governor, is to improve the quality of life for all Louisianans

Since taking office in 2016, Nungesser has seen tourism increase by nine percent and 100,000 more hotel rooms occupied this year, he says.

If re-elected, Nungesser says he will continue to push for a special lottery scratch off card, the proceeds of which would go for teacher pay raises, and programs for veterans and senior citizens. He will also continue working establish a Civil Rights Trail throughout Louisiana. Nungesser envisions historic markers and linking up with the Alabama and Mississippi Civil Rights Trails. 

The candidate says he also has $750,000 set aside to invest in a Civil Rights Museum, which currently doesn’t have a building. 

Nungesser, 60, is a Republican and a former president of the Plaquemines Parish Commission. He attended O. Perry Walker High School and was an independent businessman before entering politics. 

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