NOPD Academy Reaches Full Compliance with Consent Decree

NOPD took a step toward reaching its goal of meeting the requirements of the federal consent decree it has voluntarily operated under since January of 2013. 

In a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Susie Morgan, representatives from the United States Department of Justice, Federal Consent Decree Monitors, and NOPD detailed the steps taken toward bringing the NOPD Education and Training Academy into compliance with the Consent Decree.

Judge Morgan agreed, deeming the Academy to be in full and effective compliance with the training provisions of the consent decree.

The next step for the academy would be to begin a two-year period of oversight to insure the academy engages in practices and policies designed to maintain compliance. The progress of the academy in implementing reforms is seen as a critical milestone in the effort to achieve overall departmental compliance with the consent decree.

“This is a critical and key component that sets the foundation for the rest of the department,” said NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson. “Properly training new officers to adhere to constitutional policing practices will further reaffirm NOPD as a leader in 21st Century policing.”

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell applauded the focus NOPD maintained in reaching this milestone.

“My administration has worked relentlessly to focus resources and attention on the remaining, specific steps needed to achieve compliance. I am proud to say that we have delivered results — for our department, for our officers, and for the residents they protect and serve,” Cantrell said. “I’m encouraged by the Judge’s public comments this afternoon, and I am confident that in the year ahead, the entire department will achieve substantial compliance. We will see this through to the goal line, and beyond. We will remain laser-focused on sustaining the progress that has been made. The NOPD has become a nationwide model for successful reform and for constitutional policing, and we will continue to uphold that gold standard. I congratulate Chief Ferguson and the entire New Orleans Police Department on their demonstrated success.”

Captain Hans Ganthier, Commander of the Education and Training Division, credited the work of Academy staff in reaching full compliance.

“This has been a culmination of the hard work, dedication and attention to detail of the Education and Training Division,” Ganthier said.

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