Our Voices Nuestra Voz (OVNV), an advocacy organization that builds power within Black and Brown communities in New Orleans, announced the establishment of the #BlackandBrownGetDown Community Defense Fund at its 2020 #BlackandBrownGetDown on Jan. 23.

The fund will help support Black and Brown people in a variety of areas, including scholarships for undocumented students and a bail fund to assist individuals with attaining assist defendants and to challenge the racial and economic injustice of the cash bail system which disproportionately impacts poor communities of color.

“The Community Defense Fund takes us from conversation to action. It increases our ability to act as a collective voice as we defend our communities and build power,” says Mary Moran, co-founder and executive director Our Voice Nuestra Voz.

Now in its second year, the #BlackandBrownGetDown was founded in 2019 as a space designed to build collective voice and power for Black and Brown communities. The free event is used to discuss various issues that impact the community. More than 300 community members attended the 2020 event, which included s music, art and dance in a celebration culture identity.

“The #BlackAndBrownGetDown was created . . . to both honor our humanity, our history, and to combat white supremacy. It was created as a space for Black and Brown people to get to know each other, to be in deep community with each other, and to find issues that impact both communities where an agenda can be set so we can win on the things that impact us most.” says Moran.

For more information about Our Voice Nuestra Voz and the #BlackandBrownGetDown, visit www.ovnv.org.

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