Today (March 31), the New Orleans City Council released a fact sheet for renters and homeowners regarding the current state of evictions and Foreclosure Suspensions in New Orleans.  

“We’re entering a critical phase in this pandemic, as the economic consequences start to pile up on top of the health crisis were already battling,” said Council President Helena Moreno. “It’s April 1, and rent and mortgages are due. With so many in our community are facing the loss of their jobs, wages, and way of life. We know people need help, not more harm, and they need it now.  Thankfully, the Governor and local courts have moved quickly to prevent immediate housing losses, which would only exacerbate the problems we face. We’ve tried to outline the current rules and Suspensions in effect at the link below.” 

The guide, developed in partnership with the LA Fair Housing Action Center, provides an outline of legal eviction and Foreclosure Suspensions currently in place as well as ways to get more help. 

Read and download the guide here.

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