Delgado Community College is currently making protective face shields for use by healthcare workers during the pandemic. Swift manufacturing is taking place at the campus Fab Lab where about 100 face shields can be made per day.

Already the college has delivered 200 face shields to New Orleans East Hospital. Another 300 will be ready to distribute this week.

These face shields are in high demand for hospitals, healthcare workers andthe newly established convention center location during the COVID-19 crisis.

This effort is being led by Dr. Tamika Duplessis who is working to supply these shields to New Orleans East Hospital and others who may need them at this critical time.

“Our healthcare partners have been great to us by providing clinical and internship opportunities to our students as well as donating equipment so that our students can learn. Now, at this very critical point, we have an opportunity to be there for them as they work on the front lines to reduce the spread and care for those affected during this time of need,” said Delgado hancellor Dr. Larissa Littleton-Steib.

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