The Gumbo Coalition is Morial’s first book since 1998

National Urban League President & CEO Marc Morial’s new book The Gumbo Coalition: 10 Leadership Lessons That Help You Inspire, Unite, and Achieve was released Tuesday May 5.

In the book, Morial highlights 10 leadership lesson that he has shared in writing and as the leader of the National Urban League.

As the former mayor of New Orleans, Morial oversaw many improvements during his terms, including crime reduction, police reform, and the passing of a significant bond issue.

In May 2003, Morial was appointed president and CEO of the National Urban League. Since that appointment,  Morial’s  Empowerment Agenda has worked to reenergize the League’s diverse constituencies; to build on the strength of its nearly one-hundred-year-old legacy; and to increase its profile both locally and nationally.

In a statement congratulating its leader on the release of The Gumbo Coalition, NUL called the book “a great way for the public to learn more about the organization and the work that it does to benefit under resourced and underserved communities.”

The Gumbo Coalition, which is Morial’s first book since 1998, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Google Play and iBooks and at other major retailers.

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