Newly released video shows a Black man in Shreveport, Tommie Dale McGlothen, Jr., 44, who died in police custody on April 6, being brutally beaten and tased before his death.

The video, on KSLA, is shot of a cellphone from a witness. McGlothen is seen being assaulted by a White male police officer and a Black female officer, with two other officers later joining.

Police were notified after McGlothen got into a fight with another man. Witnesses said that it looked like McGlothen was having a mental health episode.

Roughly 54 days passed before the district attorney’s office received an investigative file from police. D.A. James Stewart said that initially the file was “missing reports, statements, downloads and other vital information essential to conduct a thorough and complete review.”

Stewart also asked any citizens with video evidence to come forward.

The family of McGlothen was reportedly told he died from a heart attack. However, their suspicion grew when they went to see the body and noticed a broken nose, jaw and the right side of his face was swollen.

Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond issued a statement Monday (June 8) announcing that the four officers involved are on departmental leave and that Louisiana State Police is reviewing the case.

However through an email obtained by The Shreveport Times, Raymond states the internal investigation “did not find any criminal wrongdoing,” but “I will feel more comfortable” having prosecutors review it.

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