Earlier today (Monday, June 15), District D Councilman Jared Brossett issued a statement in response to his accident and DUI arrest over the weekend.

“The last 48 hours have been very difficult for me and my family. Due to the series of events that have recently occurred, after discussions with my primary care physician and my family, I am entering into an in-patient treatment program today. I want to sincerely apologize to my family, particularly my mother, my colleagues, the citizens of New Orleans, all those involved and everyone that I have disappointed. To all those that I have let down, I cannot express how profoundly sorrowful I am. During this extremely difficult time I ask for your prayers as I commit myself to the hard work of becoming a better person.”

Brossett’s colleagues on the Council have also issued statements. And while condemning drinking and driving, they also offer support to their fellow councilmember.

District B Councilmam Jay Banks, District C Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer and District E Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen released the following joint statement today (Monday, June 15).

“There is no excuse for driving while impaired. We are relieved that no one was killed or seriously injured, but Jared must be held accountable for his actions. On the personal side, alcoholism is a disease; it is no different than diabetes or cancer in that no one wants to get it. As our friend and colleague, we are hoping that Jared gets the help that he needs.”

In a separate statement Council President Jason Williams said, “First, I pray for the health and continued well-being of both drivers from Sunday’s accident. I am extremely grateful that there was no loss of life or more serious injuries. I’ve known Jared as a friend and colleague for over a decade. He has been proud to serve District D and is absolutely devastated by Sunday’s events. He has made a decision to immediately seek treatment to address an ongoing battle with addiction. I support his decision and will do everything in my power to support him through his recovery.”

Williams went on to discuss efforts to ensure that the work of the City Council continues and that the needs of District D constituents are met in Brossett’s absence. His statement continues:

“Regarding the business of the City Council, as Council President, I’ve taken immediate action to ensure continuity of leadership for District D as well as matters over which Councilmember Brossett would normally preside.”

According to the statement, At-large Councilwoman Helena Moreno will assume Budget Chair duties, and Williams will assume chairmanship duties of Councilmember Brossett’s newly-formed Emergency Preparedness and Cyber Security Committee.

“We will also continue, from our at-large posts, to work with our colleagues to ensure there are no missed steps and that District D continues to receive quality and uninterrupted service from the Council. I will take on his responsibilities to neighborhood groups and the like, for the foreseeable future. Residents and business owners can call my office at 504-658-1070 for all constituent needs.”

This Council owes it to the entire City of New Orleans as well as the leaders of tomorrow to take an in-depth look at all formal policies or lack thereof for regarding take-home vehicles for all City employees.”

In addition to pledging her personal support to Brossett, At-Large City Councilwoman Helena Moreno is also calling on a review of city policies related to the take-home use of city vehicles.

Brossett was driving his city-issued SUV.

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