Fares will be waived for July 11 Election Day for the first time under the new policy

The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) recently announced that it will waive all transit fares on future election days.  This policy is the result of the resolution adopted by the RTA Board of Commissioners at its June 23 board meeting, which will waive RTA transit fares for bus, streetcar, ferry, and paratransit services.

The New Orleans City Council also passed a resolution, in support for RTA’s temporary fare waiver making this RTA policy change possible.

“This resolution speaks to two core issues close to my heart: providing equitable transportation options for our residents, and encouraging and not suppressing voter turnout. I’d like to thank the RTA Board for their leadership on these issues,” said Mayor Cantrell.

RTA transit riders will have the ability to access all modes of transit at no charge for a full 24-hours on city identified election days. The agency will waive fare across all transit modes for the first time on July 11, 2020.

“As the RTA continues to build a world-class transit system, we are placing an intensive focus on leveraging transportation to contribute to the regional efforts to build healthy and equitable communities,” said RTA CEO, Alex Wiggins. “Partnering with the city of New Orleans to remove access to transportation as a key barrier to residents exercising their right to vote, is an important step in this process.”

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