Business owners, community leaders, and elected officials gathered on Thursday, Sept. 10, at the Executive Plaza in New Orleans East for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for 15 businesses–most of them new, and others rebranding–inside the Lake Forest Plaza Boulevard office building.

Organizers say the event was planned months ago, but it was postponed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

District E Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen was on hand to congratulate the new business tenants and to thank those business owners for their commitment to New Orleans East.

“I think it is a great start and I hope that today’s (ribbon cutting) event is going to entice more people to invest in the East,” said Nguyen. “The Executive Plaza is currently home to 48 businesses, including personal care and health services, financial and legal services, non-profit and communications services, and a variety of others. It shows that even through the challenges of the last few months, District E is still moving forward.”

The new businesses that received plaudits for their openings were: ReNEW Schools, WIC New Orleans East Program, Acceptable Health Services, Loan Fox, Styled by Sharell, ConsultED New Orleans, Jupiter Tax Services, Knight CPA Services, Full Circle Consulting Group, Frazier-Santiago Law & Title, Arie’s Artistry, NOLA Skyline Event Center, Executive Suites, Skyline Studios, and BAMM Communications.

Elder Anna Bechet of Loan Fox, the longest-tenured tenant at the Plaza served as the guest speaker for the event. Her theme, “We Shall Recover It All”, seemed especially suited to encourage businesses and residents in New Orleans East.

One of the areas of the city hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina, the East’s. recovery has moved at a snail’s space compared to other areas of the city and region.

“It takes teamwork to recover it all,” Bechet told the group. “They have elections coming up, and we need . . . to change the atmosphere of our city. The only way you can do that–and I’m not a politician–but I know we need to vote, and I know we need to know who we are voting f`think the East can come together.” shared Bechet.

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