Today (Tuesday, Dec. 15), District Attorney-Elect Jason Williams announced members of the team that will be responsible for leading his transition and for hearing from local and national experts, as well as the public, to produce recommendations that will guide his reform of the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office.

“Throughout the campaign, I promised the people of New Orleans that I would engage the best and brightest among our community to help reform the criminal legal system and stand up a new District Attorney’s Office,” said Williams. “This diverse group is experienced, smart, and passionate about getting safety and justice right. And I am excited that they have agreed to help me lead this transition process, and work alongside the full transition team members we will announce later this week.”

Loyola University President Tania Tetlow, who is also a former assistant U.S. Attorney, and Flozell Daniels, president and CEO President of the Foundation for Louisiana, will serve as co-chairs of Williams’ transition team. Tyrone Walker, vice-president of public affairs at the Greater New Orleans Foundation will serve as transition director working closely with Tetlow and Daniels to guide this process.

Other transition team members include: Leadership Team members include: Henry Coaxum, chairman of the Business Council of New Orleans and The River Region; Jim Cook, general manager of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel; Susan Guidry, a former New Orleans City councilwoman who served as the chair of the Council’s criminal justice committee; Norris Henderson, founder and executive director of V.O.T.E.; Emily Maw, attorney in the Office of Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Johnson and former executive director of the Innocence Project; Mary D. Moran, executive director of Our Voice Nuestra Voz; Judy Reese Morse, president & CEO of the Urban League of Louisiana; Alanah Odoms, executive director of the ACLU Louisiana; Sarah Omojola, associate director of the VERA Institute; Morris Reed, Sr., former federal prosecutor and Orleans Criminal District Court Judge; and NOPD Chief Shaun Fergusson or his designer.

Additional members of Williams’ transition team are expected to be announced later this week. Williams has also reportedly given current employees of the District Attorney’s office a deadline of Friday, Dec. 18 to reapply for or resign from their jobs.

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