Marc H. Morial held “A Political Conversation On 2021 Politics and Beyond” today (Thursday, Dec. 31) at Neyow’s Palace.

The panel brought political and community leaders together for a conversation about modern day politics and the impact that this pivotal election season has had on the country. It featured former Democratic National Committee Chair, Donna Brazile; pollster and political strategist, Dr. Silas Lee; and Gambit Weekly political editor, Clancy DuBos.

“From presidential races to local elections, political and social justice issues have been at the forefront of conversations nationwide,” says Morial. “We need a space to voice our concerns, we need change. This event will allow leaders to address certain tactics to bring about a change and hopefully it will be the beginning of a shift that we want to see in our communities.”

Some of the city’s most notable leaders engaged in dialogue with the panelists regarding the  future of local, regional and national politics, the impact of the happenings surrounding our nation’s recent most critical elections and priority changes that should occur.

To see video of the panel discussion , visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

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