Just so we are clear, you cannot condemn yesterday’s criminal actions–the storming of the U.S. Capitol in one breath–and then vote against certifying the electoral college vote with the next.


But these four Louisiana lawmakers tried it. Here is why the two don’t mix: When Sen. Kennedy, and Reps. Scalise, Johnson, and Higgins cast their votes late last night, they did so to play to Trump’s base. They did so to play to their bases. They did so because re-election is more important to them than the U.S. Constitution. They did so to kowtow to the very people who attempted to decimate democracy with their thuggish display in Washington, D.C. yesterday.


Sen. Kennedy lied when he said he would not be intimidated by the violence and those that perpetrated. His vote is proof positive that his words were hollow and so were the words of Scalise, Johnson and Higgins. They were either in fact intimidated by the thugs who stormed the Capitol or they supported them. Either way, they cannot be trusted. And the voters of Louisiana must remember how they too attacked democracy. Simply put, Kennedy, Scalise, Higgins and Johnson do not get to decry the violent assault against our government that was spurred by the reckless promulgation of an outright lie by the reckless narcissist that currently occupies the White House and then cast votes that continue to promote that lie. They just do not get to have it both ways.


FYI: It is your votes in the Senate and the House that matter…way more than your social media posts. So you can keep your fake condemnation. You have told us who you are, and we believe you. Any and all who continue to push this false, unsubstantiated and utterly ridiculous narrative of a fraudulent election is an enemy of the nation and our democracy.

And Louisiana voters who believe in democracy and who were ACTUALLY outraged by what happened yesterday have a duty to fire these men when they run for re-election.

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