Leaders of the 7th District Police Community Advisory Board will host a press conference at 10 a.m. Monday, Jan. 18, at Goretti Playground, 7500 Benson St., to discuss what they are calling a serious issue with rising crime, especially involving youth.

“It’s not just in New Orleans East problem. That’s where I live and I’m the president of the police community advisory board of the seventh district,” says Anthony Jackson. “It is everywhere. Crime has played our community. It’s really out of control but we can do something about it the village has to come together.”

In addition to Jackson and 7th District PCAB vice president Monique Cook, NOPD 7th District Captain Nick Gernon is also expected to take in the press conference.

District E Councilwoman Cindi Nguyen and state Rep. Jason Hughes along with a number of organizations have also been invited to participate, Jackson says. 

Jackson wants the event to serves as a clarion call to rally resources and organizations from across the city to reach out  youth with alternatives and opportunities to dissuade their involvement in criminal activity.

“We need all the players to come together across the city and put up to put our hands on as many youth as we can,” Jackson says “It’s that serious. We need all hands on deck.”

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