We will make this one short and sweet. 

A few weeks ago, we blasted U.S. Sen. John Kennedy and other members of Louisiana delegation for co-signing objections to the certification of the results of a free and fair election. 

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy for showing true leadership this week with his vote to proceed with the impeachment hearing of Donald J. Trump. We don’t often agree with Sen. Cassidy. But on this rare occasion, we appreciate the patriotism he summoned when he, along with just a handful of other Republican senators, broke party lines to vote with senate Democrats to acknowledge the constitutionality jurisdiction of the Senate over the second impeachment hearing of Donald Trump.

Already Cassidy has drawn ire from some Louisiana Republicans who are intent on punishing him and who, we can only surmise, would not know the truth or recognize the Constitution of the United States of America if the two walked right up to them and introduced themselves. 

It could be argued that Cassidy’s vote was mostly pragmatic. He and the other Republican senators who voted to proceed with the hearing could look like upholders of the Constitution even if they ultimately don’t vote for impeachment.

Yes, we understand that Cassidy’s vote to hold the hearing does not mean he will vote to impeach former President Donald Trump. He has said as much himself, according to media reports. In short, he will listen to the arguments, but he doesn’t not know how he will vote.

Fair enough.

However, if Sen. Cassidy and the rest of the U.S. Senate have been listening to the same impeachment hearing that we have watched—the images, the videos, the audio and how they all point back to The Big Lie about a stolen election that Donald Trump spread for months after the election — then we can’t see how Cassidy and his colleagues in the Senate could do anything other than ensure that Donald J. Trump never holds elected office again.

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