During its Sept. 23 meeting, the New Orleans City Council authorized a one-time suspension of monthly sanitation fees.

Calling the one time suspension as a “small step in the right direction”, and the The consul say they will continue to work with the administration to address issues surrounding trash pick up that surfaced during the COVID-19 pandemic as staffing shortages developed and were exacerbated by hurricane Ida.
“These failures have resulted in direct and harmful impacts on our residents, their families, and the overall quality of life in our city, and can no longer be allowed to continue. Trash pick-up is a basic service, and our taxpayers deserve better,” said District “D” Councilmember Jared Brossett. “As I’ve said before, this single fee suspension may not get the trash off the streets any sooner, but it’s what we can do now to help alleviate some of the strain and hardship that’s been caused by this storm.”

The Council also adopted Resolution R-21-351, requesting Mayor Cantrell and the City’s Law Department to send written notice to Metro of its failure to perform, and if the City has already done so, the Council requests it to seek full recovery of all damages resulting from local waste collection failures.

From Aug. 24 through Sept. 16, the City’s 311 system received over 9,318 resident complaints regarding the lack of trash service and pick-up citywide, causing extended rot, smell, maggots, and vermin, further exacerbating public health risks during the pandemic.

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