With a $5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor, the Louisiana Workforce Commission is launching additional efforts to support jobs and recovery services after Hurricane Ida by employing people in areas impacted by the disaster to rebuild.

The $5 million awarded to LWC is the first part of a National Dislocated Worker Grant that could increase to as
much as $10 million. The money will support programs, at the local and state level, to help provide
Louisianians jobs focused on debris clean-up; as well as food, water, and other humanitarian aid.

“At its core, this money will help us provide humanitarian assistance to people who are suffering after
Hurricane Ida,” said LWC Secretary Ava Cates. “Disaster recovery is a marathon, not a sprint and this funding will
help us provide stability to people who need it most.”

The money will help create disaster-relief employment opportunities for eligible individuals within the declared
disaster area. The jobs made available through this award will give people a chance to begin to rebuild after
the storm.

“Hurricane Ida destroyed more than just people’s homes. It took away their livelihoods,” said Tavares Walker,
Assistant Secretary of Workforce Development. “Right after any disaster, we have a responsibility to help
people in need maintain some semblance of normal life. This money helps us make sure Louisianians can do

Displaced workers who are interested in applying for disaster relief job opportunities can begin the application
process here. or on https://www.laworks.net/. A staff person will then reach out to verify eligibility. To be
considered for disaster relief job opportunities, you must have a HiRE account which can be created here.

Job seekers can also explore careers and top-rated jobs at https://www.laworks.net/stars/.

Supported by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, National Dislocated Worker Grants
temporarily expand the service capacity of dislocated worker programs at the state and local levels by
providing funding assistance in response to large, unexpected economic events that cause significant job

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