Marlin Gusman has our vote. The work he has done during the last 16 years to transform the parish prison is commendable. His office voluntarily submitted to a federal consent decree designed to improve conditions at the jail. Moreover, the Sheriff has continued to have a large impact on New Orleans through a variety of community outreach efforts. We believe he brings vision, continuity and experience to the office.


Darren Lombard served for six years as a deputy clerk of Criminal District Court before being elected to the Second City Court Clerk’s Office. It is the experience that we believe puts him ahead in this race. That, along with the work he has done to organize and modernize the Second City Court Clerk’s Office, make him our choice.


We appreciate Jay Bank’s experience. A native New Orleanian and a lifetime resident of District B, he has an intrinsic understanding of the community he serves. As a current member of the Council, Banks has already worked on measures that have helped make the District and New Orleans better. We also like Lesli Harris’ passion and fresh ideas. As an attorney, she has advocated on behalf of local culture bearers. She has good ideas about improving the lives of District B residents; and if given the opportunity to do so, we believe she will work hard for her constituents and for the people of New Orleans, as a whole. We endorse them both in this race. 


Freddie King III is the type of new leadership District C and New Orleans, in general, need. Although this is his first time seeking an elected post, King is familiar with District C and its needs, having formerly served as the director of constituent services for the office. We believe he is ready for this next step. He understands the challenges the District faces, from crime, to economic development and opportunity to illegal dumping, and is prepared to bring real, no-nonsense solutions to these quality of life issues.


Experience is everything! And that is what Eugene Green brings. He has a strong educational background and possesses vast experience, especially as it relates to economic development. He served as the executive assistant to Mayor Marc Morial for economic development and as chief of staff for Louisiana’s Second Congressional District. He understands government and how it works at its highest levels. That makes him the right choice in this race. He is OUR choice!


We believe Oliver Thomas will be a servant and champion of the people of District E.  As a son of the Lower Ninth Ward and a resident of New Orleans East, Thomas has the insight and background needed to fully understand the challenges and opportunities that District E faces. He experience in City government means that he can hit the ground running and provide solid representation to the people of District E. We also believe that current Councilwoman Cyndi Nguyen has served the people of District E well and would continue to lead the District toward growth and improvement if re-elected.

PW Proposition 

(Public library)

4 Mills –cc-20 years


This millage proposal is a request for the renewal of the 2.58 mill rate that the Orleans Parish Library Board has requested to operate in 2022 along with the option to collect as much as an additional 1.42 mill rate, for a maximum of 4 mills for the next 20 years. The power to set how much of the maximum rate to collect each year will rest with the City Council. Of course, we believe libraries are important and need to be funded. And we understand that without this millage, the library would lose a good chunk of its operating budget, money needed to provide services and keep branches open. Still, this accordion-style ability to raise the millage annually without voter approval is our problem with this proposition. Nonetheless, our decision to support this millage largely rests with the library board’s history of presenting a neutral budget that uses a millage rate that reflects the revenue it needs to provide a consistent level of service to the people of Orleans Parish. We are also encouraged by the fact the Orleans Parish Library Board has created a 10-year strategic plan to guide it delivery of services and growth. And we intend to hold members of the City Council responsible for ensuring that it does not increase the rate beyond what is needed to support the library’s operations. 

PW Proposition 

(Neighborhood housing)

.91 Mills –cc-20 years


With this proposition, the voters of Orleans Parish are being asked to renew  a .91-mill tax to support affordable housing initiatives and neighborhood improvement programs. The revenue raised by the millage would go to the City’s Housing Fund for programs to expand homeownership opportunities, remediate blight, and provide affordable rental housing for low- and moderate-income residents. Voter approval of the proposed tax would allocate all of revenue to the Housing Fund, instead of just allowing a portion to funds to be used for economic development. For nearly two decades, New Orleans has been in an affordable housing crisis that has only been exacerbated by devastating natural disasters, bad policy decisions, stagnate wages and, now, a pandemic. We have long said that New Orleans needs to get serious about affordable housing; and we believe this millage renewal that dedicates 100 percent of the revenue to City’s Neighborhood Housing Improvement Fund is a step in that direction.

We Are Proud to Have Served Our Community for 38 Years. Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Providing a Trusted Voice. We Look Forward to 38 More!