These threats must be taken seriously by FBI, other authorities

For the second time in a month, historically Black colleges and universities have been the target of bomb threats.

This morning (Monday, Jan. 31), at least six historically black colleges and universities received bomb threats, disrupting campus operations and launching police investigations.

Southern University and A&M College, Howard University, Bethune-Cookman University, Albany State University, Bowie State University and Delaware State University all received bomb threats this morning, according to media reports.

Southern University and A&M College is among the HBCUs that received a bomb threat on Jan. 31.

At Southern, classes were canceled and students are to remain in their dorm rooms until an all-clear is issued. University operations were also suspended until further notice.

This isn’t the first time.

Xavier University of Louisiana was among the HBCUs that received bomb threats on Jan. 5. Yes, just in case you missed it, several HBCUs received bomb threats earlier this month. And aside from a few news reports, we have heard little about what if anything is being done or has been done to discover the source of these threats of violence on our institutions.

Xavier University of Louisiana was among HBCU campuses that received bomb threats on Jan. 5.

According to authorities the Jan. 5 threats appeared to have been unfounded, with no universities reporting an actual bomb. It appears that the same will likely be declared after today’s threats if no bombs or suspicious packages are found on the campuses that have been targeted.

And then what?

These threats are disrupting learning on these campuses. They are striking fear in the hearts of students, parents, faculty and staff at these schools. These threats remind us that in America, Black institutions—our schools, our churches, our very existence—are always under attack by those filled with vitriol, hate and prejudice.  

And two separate threats in less than a month makes us wonder whether the authorities are taking this seriously enough. For us, it is not enough to say the threats were unfounded and then go about life as if nothing happened. Is the FBI going to wait until the threat is founded to find out whose behind it? 

Let’s hope not. Nope, instead we say the full resources of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies must be directed at this issue. Our HBCUs are precious resources, and the lives of those who learn, work and live on those campuses matter!

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