City Launches Towing Reimbursement Portal for Car Theft Victims

The City of New Orleans recently launched an online portal for individuals to submit claims for towing reimbursement. Anyone that paid out-of-pocket fees to recover a stolen vehicle from a tow company in Orleans Parish since August 1, 2017, could be eligible for reimbursement from the City of New Orleans.

 The portal will collect information about the vehicle and applicant, along with proof of payment and proof of identification. Individuals can submit a recovered vehicle reimbursement claim by visiting  

 As reimbursement requests are submitted, they will be verified against the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) records to ensure that the vehicle in question was involved in a police incident and was subsequently towed. Once this verification is complete, payment will be processed for the reimbursement and mailed via check. Applicants should allow up to 90 days for their reimbursement application to be verified and paid. 

 For questions, contact 

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