A. P. Tureaud Statue and Civil Rights Memorial Park Revitalized and Rededicated in June Ceremony

New Corp., Inc., a New Orleans-based Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), recently held a re-dedication ceremony for the A.P. Tureaud Statue and Civil Rights Memorial Park in conjunction with its 7th Ward Revitalization Project.

Mark Raymond, Tureaud’s great-grandson presided over the ceremony with NewCorp CEO, Vaughn Randolph Fauria. Mayor LaToya Cantrell and state Rep. Royce Duplessis were among the speakers at the event.

A. P. Tureaud, Sr. was a New Orleans native and civil rights activist who served as the attorney for the New Orleans chapter of the NAACP during the Civil Rights Movement. Members of the Tureaud family traveled to attend the ceremony in conjunction with their family’s reunion. 

“The community is really very appreciative of all the work that is being done and the commitment that NewCorp and Vaughn Fauria have taken,” said A. P. Tureaud, Jr., son of A. P. Tureaud. 

Pamela Broom, 7th Ward Revitalization project manager said “NewCorp is remembering, restoring, and uplifting the legacy of 7th Ward for generations to come. We are helping to fund the dream, the vision, and the efforts of this community so it can thrive.” 

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