The Mayor’s Office of Communications issued the following statement today (July 29) on the World Cities Summit:

“Mayor Cantrell has decided to forgo the climate change meetings at the World Cities Summit, and instead embed herself with the NOPD so she can witness firsthand what our officers need in order to increase public safety,” said Gregory Joseph, Director of Communications.  

This should come as welcome news to those who have lamabsted the Mayor lately because of her travel itinerary as they have felt her presence was needed more in the City as it faces longstanding challenges.

We certainly respect Mayor Cantrell for once again hearing and responding to the call of constituents. And while we are certain that she actually already knows and doesn’t need to “embed” herself with NOPD to find out what the department needs, perhaps this move will quiet critics and help everyone focus on the important issues at hand instead of the Mayor’s travel schedule or some other trivial issue that causes discontent among her critics.

We will wait . . . and we will see.

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