Many Orleans Parish Sheriff’s deputies will soon see more money on their checks.

Starting with their Dec. 8 paycheck, all eligible hourly workers at the Sheriff’s Office will receive an additional $2.43 per hour, bumping their pay from $15.57 per hour to $18 per hour. 

It’s not clear how many deputies will receive the raise, but those that received pay increases in May 2022 and new administrative hires are not impacted by the new increase.

Sheriff Susan Hutson

“I promised to fight for deputy pay increases, and thanks to everyone who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me, I’m delivering on that promise,” Sheriff Hutson said in a printed statement. “I also want to thank the New Orleans City Council for recognizing how critical our security workforce is to the administration of criminal justice. Investing in our deputies is really an investment in public safety for all New Orleanians.”

Besides increasing deputy pay, Sheriff Hutson is seeking City Council’s support for more compensation and benefits for Sheriff’s Office staffers that would include a 5 percent longevity bonus, 100 percent employer-paid healthcare, and a $2 per hour shift differential for working the second shift in the jail.

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