By Brittany Lampkin
The New Orleans Tribune

Here’s yet another item for the “Solutions to Problems that Don’t Exist” file. The Livingston Parish School Board has officially disapproved of critical race theory discussions in its public school classrooms.

Yes, the Livingston Parish Board felt the need to offer an official resolution to disavow critical race theory despite the fact that critical race theory is not taught in Louisiana’s public elementary and secondary institutions.

The Livingston Parish School Board unanimously approved its anti-critical race theory policy at its December meeting, according to media reports.

Livingston Parish is about 66 miles northwest of New Orleans via I-55 and includes the cities of Denham Springs, Springfield and Albany.

It remains unclear why critical race theory scares so many.

Essentially, it is the framework used to examine the complex and systematic ways racism expresses itself and how race and racism have impacted power, politics, criminal justice, wealth, health, education and just about every institution and system that operates in American society.

There is no critical race theory study guide. It has never not a course studied in public K-12 education. It is simply the idea of looking at race and racism as social constructs and reflecting honestly about their historical and current impacts on society.

And there will be none of that in Livingston Parish Public Schools, it seems.

Truth hurts, we suppose.

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