The Urban League of Louisiana and the Southern Poverty Law Center along with the League of Women Voters Louisiana, Black Voters Matter, Power Coalition, and Voice of the Experienced are coming together to lead a statewide effort to get more Black and Brown residents throughout Louisiana registered to vote in time ahead of the Oct. 14 gubernatorial primary.

The 2023 Louisiana Black & Brown Voter Registration Day takes place Saturday, Sept. 16, 2023 and will focus on seven targeted cities: Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Monroe and Shreveport.

While the deadline for Louisianans to register to vote in person, by mail or at any Office of Motor Vehicles is Sept. 13, residents can register online via the state’s Geaux Vote system through Sept. 23.

The goal of this nonpartisan effort is to register as many Black and Brown voters as possible, while also educating voters on their registration status and highlighting the collective voting power of marginalized communities in Louisiana as the 2023 Gubernatorial Election and the 2024 Congressional Elections approach, according to a statement released by the organizations. 

“The Urban League of Louisiana continues to be committed to ensuring that Black Louisianans are educated about and participate fully in the political process,” said Judy Reese Morse, Urban League of Louisiana President and CEO. “Likewise, we realize the tremendous opportunity that exists to galvanize and build continuity with other underserved communities, particularly the Latino and Hispanic communities of our state.”

Organizers believe this voter registration initiative will also help fuel advocacy efforts focused on fair redistricting, fair voting maps, and equitable access to voting throughout the state.  

“On Black and Brown Voter Registration Day we rise together, taking hold of our shared destiny,” said Terry C. Landry, Jr., the Louisiana policy director for Southern Poverty Law Center. “It is a day to uplift our voices, to inspire change, and to empower our communities. Our votes are our voices, resonating in every corner of our democracy. Remember each vote is a stand for justice, a beacon for equality, and an expression of hope. Your vote matters, make it count.” 

 Organizations and groups are invited to sign up to participate in one or more target cities. Participating organizations will receive training and education on voter engagement laws in Louisiana, as well as strategies and resources to aid in its voter registration efforts on the day of action.

“The fight for re-enfranchisement was just the beginning; now, the second half of the battle lies in bringing our formerly incarcerated brothers and sisters to the voting polls,” said Norris Henderson, executive director of VOTE. “At Voice of the Experienced, we are eager to join forces for Black & Brown Voter Registration Day and move towards a more inclusive, representative democracy that works for everyone – one in which every voice, every vote and every citizen counts.”  

Organizations can sign up here to volunteer. 

“Black and Brown Voters are an untapped force in Louisiana that must be registered, organized, and mobilized,” said Omari Ho-Sang and Keturah Butler-Reed of Black Voters Matter Louisiana. “Our approach to restore their confidence in this election cycle is through love-led engagement and building capacity through authentic messaging.” 

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