Q: What could possibly be worse than having Jeff Landry in the Governor’s mansion for the next four years?

A: Having him there without anyone else in a statewide elected seat to challenge him and push back against his extremist politics.

That makes the Nov. 18 general election just as important as the October primary. Here are The New Orleans Tribune’s endorsements and recommendations on the constitutional amendments:


Gwen Collins-Greenup

Attorney, accountant and small business owner Gwen Collins-Greenup as also served in roles that have prepared her for the position. With Collins Greenup at the helm, the Secretary of State’s Office would be in capable hands of an official who will work hard to ensure that the right to vote remains accessible to all citizens.


Lindsey Cheek

It is time for the state Attorney General’s office to take a different direction than the path it has been on for the last eight years — away from divisive, partisan politics of the right-winged Jeff Landry and toward equity and fairness for all of the citizens of Louisiana. We believe Lindsey Cheek is the right candidate to lead change we need in the office.


Dustin Granger

Whether its his stand on protecting the Medicaid expansion, his position on working to restore civil liberties that have been attacked across Louisiana, or his plans to restructure programs such as TOPS and ITEP to ensure that Dustin Granger is the voice Louisiana needs in the office of State Treasurer.


AMENDMENT 1 — Deadlines to Veto Bills and Rules for Veto Sessions

We say vote “NO”. Let’s keep the current rules and require the legislature to call a special veto session to take a vote for a veto override.

AMENDMENT 2 — Repeal of Inactive Special Funds in the Constitution

We say vote “YES”. Let’s to remove the inactive funds from the Constitution and transfer any remaining money back to the state general fund for use on ongoing projects.

AMENDMENT 3 — Property Tax Exemptions for First Responders

We say vote “NO”. Let’s not give authority to local governments to create an additional property tax exemption for first responders.

AMENDMENT 4 — Rule Changes for the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund

We say vote “YES” to tighten the rules on the use of the state trust fund that collects dollars from corporate tax and oil and gas production.

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