An advertiser who does not complete a committed schedule will be subject to a short rate computed at earned rate. Contracts are subject to rate change within 30-day notice by the publisher.

Credit incurred by increasing frequency during a con- tract year will be applied toward future billing for space. No cash rebates or credit to past balances will be made.

If you are on a contract and wish to run a larger ad, you may use the rate for that size at the same frequency you have contracted.

Recognized Agencies

“Recognized agencies” as used in this rate card refers to an individual or group of individuals that make the media selection, handles the order, coordinates and processes the space placed with the publisher under terms of this rate card, furnishes and prepays transporta- tion and import charges on all printed materials submitted and processes prompt payment.

Agency Commissions

A 15% commission will be given to recognized agencies on all rates for camera-ready ads, but no commission will be offered on production charges. Commissions are not allowed on billing turned over for collection.

All advertisements are published for the benefit of the agency and advertiser, and each is jointly and severely liable for all charges.

All accounts not paid in full within 30 days of date of invoice shall be considered past due and incur a late charge of 1.5% per month from due date until paid. All accounts not paid within 90 days will be turned over to the attorneys.

Clients shall be liable for all collection and attorney fees incurred by publication .


The publication is printed on high quality newsprint with a 50-lb. vellum cover stock. it is stitched and trimmed. Halftones must be 85-line screen. A nominal production charge applies for ads requiring extensive design work, scans, camera work, half tones, screens, and color. Charges are available upon request.

Four-color process ads require separation negatives to print at 100% with emulsion side down.


We place hairline rule on borderless ads and camera- ready ads not sized to our specs. Placement only by request. Insert rates $90/M full run. Size and weight specs on request. Publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

* Back page rate includes a second color. All rates including contracts are commissionable.