Aylin Acikalin Maklansky wants to represent District A on the City Council to create an environment where people can live, learn, and thrive.
“I believe the Council should be the front line for constituents, hold the administration accountable, and ensure that public funds are fair and wisely spent,” Maklansky says.

If elected, Maklansky’s top priorities for District A include public safety, better stormwater management, and workforce development.

Maklansky, who served as legislative director for City Council District C under Councilwoman Nadine Ramsey, says her years of service in government qualifies her for the District A seat.

“My years of service doing the people’s work show that I have the moxie to get the job done. I know a responsive and collaborative local government can work to reduce crime, improve quality of life, and create a climate where businesses and families can prosper. Constituents know that I listen, engage, and come up with solutions for complex problems.”

In addition to the District C Council office, Maklansky’s governmental career includes work as a judicial law clerk, legal analyst for the Bureau of Governmental Research, and a legislative aide in the U.S. Senate.

Maklansky led the effort to form the City Council’s first Environmental Advisory Committee, staffed the Council Committee overseeing $2.4 billion infrastructure investment, led the effort to form the Council Youth Committee, which dealt with issues of youth trauma and juvenile sex trafficking, and pushed for strict compliance with DBE, local hiring, and living wage ordinances.

Maklansky is a board member of the Loving Festival, a multiracial community event and film festival that challenges racism; a member of the Independent Women’s Organization, and the ACLU.

Maklansky vows to concentrate on workforce development, bringing more businesses to the city that can create jobs, strict compliance with DBE participation goals, re-entry population job training programs, and working with the Public Works Department to train people in skills that are transferable to small business development.

“I will explore ways to open up access to local capital through innovative approaches such as leveraging Community Reinvestment Act funding to provide micro-financing for small start-up businesses. Investments in infrastructure will also be a draw to private enterprise.”