Dr. Catherine Love holds two doctoral degrees—one in veterinary medicine from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and another in biomedical technology from Frei University in Berlin, Germany. But it is her role as a mother of infant twins that she says help propel her decision to run for public office..

“Having children launched me into a different mentality,” she says. “Leadership isn’t talk. It’s getting things done.”

On the issues, crime, flood protection, and economic development are critical to the people of New Orleans, she says.

“Building more partnerships in the community, particularly with faith-based organizations, is another major building block to creating a safer city.” She espouses a multi-faceted approach that builds trust between citizens and the justice system.

She does not believe that we should privatize the Sewerage and Water Board and she would require regular reports from the mayor on the status of pumps and drainage issues.

“Infrastructure must be prioritized based on need, not affluence, and city ordinances must be passed or rewritten to fast-track blight amelioration, Dr. Love says.

In the area of economic development, she would work streamline permitting, simplify taxing, and encourage the launching of small businesses – especially women and minority-owned ones. She would encourage business incubators and promote communication between business organizations, using ideas that come from business-owners themselves.